VU: visualization of high-order finite elements PDF Print

VU brings a new dimension to scientific visualization, with a complete support of high-order finite elements.

quadr04iso The image gallery showing high-order finite elements displays a comparison between the partial support available in standard visualization software, and the new full support by VU of quadratic and cubic interpolating functions.

VU now uses the performance of most recent graphics cards to accelerate the creation of images while improving rendering and faithfully reproducing the calculated data. VU is the only scientific visualization software to use the power of programmable graphics cards (GPU) for the visualization of numerical data.

Data is thus represented faithfully, to the very last pixel, for linear as well as high-order finite elements.

VU is a scientific visualization software created in 1995. Since then, it has always been at the forefront of the use of new technologies: use of OpenGL graphics library (1995), client/server system (1995), support of Linux (1996), stereo display mode (1997), use in virtual reality immersion environments (1998), voice control (2002), and, in 2008, use of programmable graphics cards.

inVisu inc. is a private company established in 2003, based in Montreal, Quebec. inVisu develops visualization software for the scientific community to analyze numerical data and communicate results.